Our Mission

To build North America’s most customer-centric construction marketplace where contractors can find and discover the most innovative tools the industry has to offer.


Our Purpose

Tuff Tools is a place where people from all parts of the construction industry can come to find the most innovative tools the market has to offer. You’ll discover tools here that you can’t find anywhere else. Tools that make your job easier, more sustainable, and better suited for the construction projects of today.

All of our tools minimize dust and harmful exposure to silica. We help contractors create safer working environments and save time.

We work directly with manufacturers to provide the highest quality tools, at the best prices.


Our Founders

Meet Lindsay


Husband, father, webmaster extraordinaire.

Lindsay's grandfather, Joe Barto, was a mason by trade who owned a successful block manufacturing company in San Bernardino California. For 20 years the plant operated under his command until he was struck by lung cancer from years of silica inhalation. The company was passed down to Lindsay’s dad. He has since sold the company, but still works in the industry selling masonry products to businesses all over Southern California. 

Lindsay began working with his dad and grandfather from a very young age. After going to college he decided to branch out from the masonry industry and become an entrepreneur. He graduated from The Art Institute of San Diego and now successfully runs three web-based businesses. 

Meet Heidi

Wife, mother, and customer service expert.

Heidi also comes from a long line of contractors. Her grandfather was a framing contractor. Her father, Steve, started in the construction industry as a framer and moved up to superintendent before starting his own business. He has now owned his custom home business for over 25 years. Steve works with clients in Southern California to build or remodel their dream homes.
Heidi has always appreciated the hard work and dedication that goes in to the work her father does. She also has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves helping others do their jobs well.