Are your tools available for shipping now?

Yes. We ship directly from the manufacturer and all products are ready to ship within 1-2 business days.

How long does the saw take to ship?

Our saws typically arrive within 3-4 business days after your order date.

Do you ship to all 50 states?


Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. Please call us at (619) 929-0092 to order. Shipments to Canada require customs taxes and fees paid by the customer. Shipments may take up to 14 business days to arrive due to customs.

Do you ship to Europe or other countries outside the USA?

No. We only ship to the USA and Canada at this time. We do not have any units that are electrically configured for other countries.

Do you have payment plans?

No. At this time we do not have payment plans. We take your payment at the point of sale.


Does the iQTS244 have any attachments?


Yes. There are three attachments for the iQTS244.

Miter Attachment

Retail Cost: $150

24” miter cut length capacity

Miter up to ¾“ thick materials

22.5° and 45° miter bevel cuts


Extension Table

Retail Cost: $250

Cut large-format, tile of 48” or more

Heavy-duty, durable board with smooth cutting surface

Synchronized measurement scale on each end of table for easy set up and accurate cuts

Makes the iQTS244 dry cut tile saw more versatile


Vacuum Port Hose Kit

Retail price: $89

Convert your iQTS244 into a vacuum

Durable, construction-grade hose and nozzles

Keeps your work area clean

Eliminate the need for a separate vacuum in your workspace


Can I use the iQTS244 and iQ360XR inside?


Yes. The beauty of both saws is the integrated vacuum technology which eliminates dust. These saws are excellent for remodels and large buildings because you can set up your saw inside your workspace. Our saws are also perfect for areas with harsh climates when you cannot setup outside.


Can the iQTS244 cut porcelain tile?

Yes. It can cut all types of tile, except for glass.

Can the iQTS244 cut glass tile?

No. iQ Power Tools does not recommend using any of its blades on glass tile. It can cut all other types of tile.

How long do the filters last?

The filters last for one year.

How long do the blades last?

Blades are expected to last up to 10,000 linear feet.

Do the iQ Power Tools saws meet the current OSHA regulations?

Yes. With the integrated vacuum technology, the saws create a safe work environment in terms of dust levels. They collect over 99.5% of the dust output.

Do your tools have a warranty?

Yes. The manufacturer offers a one (1) year warranty for their tools. Please make sure to register your products to activate your warranty.

Where can I find the owner’s manual for my saw?

Click here to access the owner’s manuals for all of our saws.